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Want a highly motivated and inspired team that get on with their job and look out for each other? Want outstanding results? Want the ‘trust and inspire’ leadership instead of old fashioned ‘command and control’ management?

Running like a well-oiled machine isn’t a fluke. It’s not ‘luck’ either. And it’s not something you want to leave to chance if you own a business right now.

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About Dr Libby Kemkaran

Dr Libby Kemkaran is a Business Mentor, Neurocoach and TEDx speaker.

She is an Accredited Peak Performance consultant and qualified Flow Coach, creator of the award winning Tame Your Brain® methodology, the Big Cat Business Brain® profiling tool, and she coach CEOs, leadership teams and individual solo entrepreneurs around the globe.

She is a Faculty Partner at the Entrepreneurs Institute, and teaches the TAME® methodology monthly to the partners there.


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TRUSTTM is the 5 step framework, delivered in person over 12months, which is proven to increase bottom line results and turn the dial on your team performance.


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Each module builds on the learnings of the one before to revolutionise your culture into one of ‘trust and inspire’ leadership, rather than the old-fashioned control and coerce people management.


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Using the highest standards of scientifically proven leadership methodology, the Tame your Team modules provide interactive, educational, and engaging content.