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How Does Tame Your Team Work

There are specific pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place for a team to function with Flow and at peak performance, in order to get those results you want for your vision.

I help leaders develop an outstanding culture and grow an engaged and empowered team, using scientifically proven techniques used by top organisations.

I deliver training to the team to teach them the mindset, skillset and action-sets used by the most successful business teams and entrepreneurs.

Business psychology has been my passion for the last 20yrs, I’ve developed the ‘Tame Your Brain®’ set of tools and TAME® methodology to shortcut business owners to greater success, fast.

When you use the power of neuroplasticity in your team, you can reshape team behaviours into highly productive habits, and, happy players, ready to drive your vision forward.


Tame Your Team - Training 1-min

TRUSTTM is the 5 step framework, delivered in person over 12months, which is proven to increase bottom line results and turn the dial on your team performance.


Each module builds on the learnings of the one before to revolutionise your culture into one of ‘trust and inspire’ leadership, rather than the old-fashioned control and coerce people management.


Tame Your Team - Training 2-min

Using the highest standards of scientifically proven leadership methodology, the Tame your Team modules provide interactive, educational, and engaging content.

I help the team learn their own neuropsychology of success, and how to work better with each other – communication is king!

‘Happy successful people produce more productively’… They don’t leave either!

Once teams understand the ‘why’ behind behaviour change, they tend to do better at implementing the ‘how’.

I offer bespoke delivery of ‘Tame your Team’, uniquely tailored to your current situation and players, and each team member gets their own ‘Big Cat Business Brain®’ profile.

This training is available remotely, or in person.

Let’s Tame your Team, and get you to lasting change in team culture, along with individual inspiration

The TRUST Framework

Module 1 – TALK. “What Did You Just Say?”

Communications, Active Listening and the Chemistry of conversation. How to speak to people who are not like me

Module 2 – RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY. “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Values and Flow state with personal neurological profiles for each team member, and a ‘skills map’ for the entire team

Module 3 – UNIFY. “Who Made You The Boss?”

Alignment behind the leader, and growing the next level of leadership from within the team leading to successions planning and holistic growth and empowerment.

Module 4 – STRATEGY. “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”

Vision values and voice into a robust Enterprise plan and devising a compelling shared purpose for the team, including division maps and goal setting for Q1, 2, 3 and 4.

Module 5 – TRUST AND VALUE. “What Do You Think You’re Doing?”

Building the ‘daily virtues’ around the continuous steps towards improvement for the enterprise plan. This summarises the Vision, Values and Voice into actionable steps.